About Us

Welcome to Beach Wienie! We are James and Barbara. We are both Dachshund Lovers! We have owned several of these crazy little hounds from back in our childhood until now. We love them for their sassiness and their huge personalities. They certainly know how to take control of the house! The two precious pups on the left are Charlotte and Baxter. They are currently with us and we love them immensely. On the right is Maddie. Maddie passed away a couple of years ago, but she is still with us every day. She was very special to us and to Barbara in particular. She was there to help us through some very tough times in life and she was what anchored us and saw us through those times. All of these little wieners love the beach as do we! This was our inspiration for Beach Wienie. We are always looking to tell others what great little companions these little wieners are. We have come up with a few products that we think capture this spirit and will constantly be developing more.

We hope you see something you like!